Specialty Products

Ionode is constantly developing new and unique products for clients from dozens of existing and emerging industries across the globe.

Products such as KF (Karl Fischer) probes, RDE (Rotating Disc Electrodes), screen-printed electrodes, FC (Free Chlorine) probes, customised titrator fittings, optical DO sensors, specialized voltammetry sensors and much more … All with the Ionode pedigree and renowned value for money. Contact us to enquire about our emerging products.

Non-glass KF (Karl Fischer) Sensors

Available in standard 12mm body or 8mm for direct Metrohm replacement, our new PTFE twin platinum sensor is superior to glass bodied sensors for Karl Fischer and other DSEP titrations. Highly resistant to chemicals and unbreakable, it is used to determine the moisture content in a variety of samples in industries such as petroleum, oil, mining, heavy machinery and others where moisture content measurements are important ... including HF, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food etc.

FC (Free Chlorine) Sensors

Immune to the corrosion problems inherent to other FC sensors, ours features a titanium auxiliary electrode for much longer life. FC sensors are used extensively in municipal water treatment facilities, swimming pools and other water treatment operations to continuously determine the available chlorine in water after the initial chlorine demand has been met ... leaving the remaining free chlorine available to oxidize contaminants. Contact Ionode to express your interest.