Conductivity Sensors

Ionode’s laboratory range of conductivity cells are glass or polymer bodied and suited to use in all EC environments. Conductivity cells developed for specific clients needs such as water treatment and environmental monitoring applications are manufactured to Ionode’s exacting standards and can be customised to suit your needs.

Click here for an in depth explanation of conductivity theory.

Model Measurement Range Nominal Cell Const. ATC Body
ECF-1t 0 - 400 mS/cm 0.45 Yes PVC
ECF-1 0 - 400 mS/cm 0.45 No PVC
EC-60 0 - 100 mS/cm 1.0 No Glass
CD-210 1 - 800 mS/cm 10 No Glass
CD-201 0 - 500 µS/cm 0.1 No Glass
CFT-201* 0 - 200 µS/cm 0.1 Yes Glass
* Flow through cell, recommended for ultra pure water measurement.