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Good Chemistry is what we’re all about ... and reliability is what we're known for.

Ionode is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electrochemical sensors for liquid analysis in water treatment, swimming pool applications, mining, food, beverage, pharmaceutical studies, agriculture, hydro-metallurgy and countless more. You can be completely confident that an Ionode sensor will provide superior reliability, longer life and exceptional value for your money – whatever your application ! Operating globally, Ionode specialises in the manufacture of pH, ORP, Ion Selective and voltammetry products for industrial, field and laboratory applications … The benchmark in the science of sensors.

A Lead-free world is a better world. Others have tried without success, but with careful R&D, Ionode are the first major manufacturer to successfully standardise with lead-free membrane glass. Same Ionode performance, but better for our environment.


Longest life in the industry ...

For more than 4 decades, Ionode sensors have been outlasting and outperforming competitors products. How do we know this ? ... because our distributors and end users tell us ! (and thank us)

Incorporating renewable junctions, proprietary glass formula, tough yet flexible bodies and hand-crafted components, an Ionode sensor is made in Australia and built to last.


Lower cost of ownership ...

There is no magic maths when evaluating sensor cost vs sensor life, however, suitable maintenance will always make your sensor last longer and time-tested construction methods do exactly the same ... Ionode’s renewable junctions, removable sleeves, isolated primary junctions and tough membranes are the cornerstones of long life and therefore better long-term value. Longer life equals lower replacement costs ... Simple !


Business to Business & OEM …

In both our product developments and our distribution relationships, the Ionode brand is highly respected and sought for delivering the value, precision and durability expected in today's demanding  commercial environments. Delivering those same valuable principles in business relationships is of prime importance, so Ionode offers a dedicated R&D team, outstanding QC procedures and products that work over and over to save you time and money.   Learn more.