ORP/Metal Sensors

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Ionode’s range of reference electrodes are relied upon in dozens of industries such as corrosion control, cathodic protection, mining, industrial process, organic solvents and many more. The range includes sealed gel and refillable models which provide several benefits over non-refillable equivalents such as providing a known concentration of chlorides for higher accuracy, calomel, silver/silver chloride, silver/silver sulphide, silver/silver sulphate and many more..

Ionode ORP sensors have been the preferred choice by Australian water treatment facilities, pool controller manufacturers, industrial process and mining operations since 1972. To ensure long life, premium performance and reproducibility, Ionode ORP sensors are built tough to withstand toxic and aggressive samples, fluid ingress, abrasive media and any other challenge imaginable. Available for demanding high temperature and high pressure applications along with routine and long-term installations, Ionode ORP sensors boast long life, value for money and utilise the most up-to-date materials and technologies available..

IJ-64D and IH-30D are our new ORP sensors Featuring a highly polished Pt disc with a 35% increase in active surface area, our new disc ORP sensors will give faster response times, simple cleaning and longer life in industries such as water and waste water treatment where routine ORP measurements are essential. IJ-64D features our famous intermediate junction and is suited to challenging samples such as mining, waste water, environmental and agricultural applications, whilst the sealed gel IH-30D is the choice for more routine ORP measurements.

Model Body Material Temp. Range Connector
IJ-64 Polypropylene Platinum wire 0 - 60°C BNC
IJ-64D Polypropylene Platinum disc 0 - 60°C BNC
IJ-64HT Kynar PVDF Platinum wire 0 - 100°C BNC
IJ-Ag Polypropylene Silver Billet 0 - 60°C BNC
IJ-Au Polypropylene Gold Wire 0 - 60°C BNC
IH-30 Polypropylene Platinum Wire 0 - 60°C BNC
IH-30D Polypropylene Platinum Disc 0 - 60°C BNC
PRFO Polypropylene Platinum Wire 0 - 60°C BNC