About Ionode

Originally established in 1972 by well respected inventor and scientist John Petty, Ionode's reputation as a family business supporting a community of hard working individuals has grown stronger and stronger at each developmental milestone. Under new management since 2009, Ionode staff remain as long-term contributors to the success and reputation of the business and always go well beyond the norm to meet and exceed your expectations of quality and reliability in our products.

Developing and utilizing the latest innovations in electrode manufacturing technology, Ionode serves its global customers from a purpose built manufacturing facility located in Tennyson, Australia and is the largest manufacturer of electrochemical sensors in the southern hemisphere. Specialising in pH, ORP, ion selective and custom designed electrodes for nearly 50 years, Ionode has developed many advanced manufacturing techniques to stay at the fore-front of sensor reliability and the value for money equation. Underpinning this outstanding reliability is an automated glassblowing process which produces a variety of different pH membrane shapes to exacting standards and uses a uniform mass of pH glass to ensure a consistent, reliable result from all Ionode products. Driven by customer needs, R&D, constant innovation and outstanding QC procedures, Ionode products are relied upon in the most demanding applications imaginable and are the preferred choice in dozens of industries.


Ionode products are relied upon by the Australian & New Zealand Wine Industry, MLA (Meat & Livestock Association of Australia), Master Winemakers of Australia, global pool controller manufacturers, Universities and educational institutions, allied health, bio-medical, pharmaceuticals, mining, water operations and dozens more. Contact Ionode for more information.