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Voltammetry and Research Electrodes Ionode can customise counter, reference and working electrodes to suit your application.

For use in research, cyclic voltammetry and other laboratory determinations, Ionode manufacture custom made, premium quality sensors which are hand crafted to the highest possible standards. Featuring the purest of noble metals available, chemical resistant bodies and highly polished finishes, Ionode counter electrodes, working electrodes and reference electrodes are individually verified prior to despatch to ensure consistent performance and have established a dedicated following amongst researchers and academics worldwide for their exceptional value for money.


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Working Electrodes Gold, Platinum & Glassy Carbon

Ionode working electrodes are designed to be used in a range of electrochemistry experiments. The discs are polished to a mirror finish.

  • Hand crafted quality
  • Individually verified for premium performance
  • Large surface area
  • Premium quality sensor materials


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